YOR Health Makes Weight Management a Reality

YOR HealthThe secret is out! The acclaimed product from YOR Health, YOR Super Slim, is a valuable tool for those wishing to maintain a healthy weight.

When eating right and working out are not enough, YOR Super Slim is there. This premium-quality supplement features green tea, guarana, green coffee bean extract, cayenne, and HCA to help speed metabolism, regulate hunger, and increase energy. According to YOR Health, YOR Super Slim makes it easy to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle.

Green Tea extract

Green Tea, according to YOR Health, has been used since ancient Chinese medicine men first noticed a correlation between mental alertness and the consumption of green tea. The green tea extract found in YOR Super Slim is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and may work within the body to promote weight loss.

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YOR Health: eine Vision of Success

YOR HealthInmitten einer globalen wirtschaftlichen Abschwungs, YOR Health engagiert sich, damit Kunden und unabhängigen Repräsentanten. Hier YOR Health beantwortet Fragen über ihre Vision und ihre Auswirkungen auf die direkten Erfolg der unabhängigen Repräsentanten.

Frage: Was ist das Hauptziel der YOR Health?

YOR Health: YOR Health helfen will, der Welt zu zeigen, wie man ein gesundes Leben und verdienen finanzielle Freiheit.

Frage: Was ist die Philosophie des YOR Gesundheit?

YOR Health: Ganz einfach: Sie sind, was Sie aufnehmen. Alle unsere Produkte sind so formuliert, basierend auf bewährten Wissenschaft und durch die Ergebnisse von Menschen aus allen Lebensbereichen, die alle mit einzigartigen Ernährungsbedürfnisse gesichert.

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YOR Health utilise des enzymes dans ses produits

YOR HealthYOR Health, entreprise leader dans le développement de compléments nutritionnels, de shakes protéinés et de produits pour la digestion, utilise des enzymes pour assurer une absorption maximale des nutriments afin que leurs clients mènent une vie plus saine, plus heureuse. Basée à Irvine, en Californie, YOR Health a développé une ligne complète de compléments de première qualité, ainsi que de délicieux shakes appréciés auprès de personnes soucieuse de leur santé et ce, dans le monde entier.

Q : Que sont les enzymes ?

YOR Health : Les enzymes sont des protéines qui nous aident à digérer, et à absorber les aliments. Les enzymes digestives métabolisent et décomposent les aliments en nutriments que le corps peut utiliser. Les enzymes ciblent les cellules, les tissus, les os et les organes, nous gardant sains et plein d’énergie.

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YOR Health Explique la Genèse de la ligne Essentials

YOR HealthLes clients YOR Health perdent du poids rapidement et efficacement en intégrant des suppléments nutritionnels de la companie dans leur routine de bien-être. En sélectionnant une large gamme de produits, les clients YOR Health ont le pouvoir d’établir leur propre plan de réussite.

Q: En quoi YOR Essentials peut il être indispensable pour les consommateurs d’aujourd’hui?

YOR Health: Avec une quantité significative d’antioxydants, YOR Essentials aide à développer la force et l’endurance d’une personne.

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YOR Health Convenience Set Supports Nutritional Goals of Consumers

YOR HealthThe YOR Health Convenience Set is the perfect answer for consumers who have a hard time juggling responsibilities at home and in the office. By simplifying the consumer’s regular routine, YOR Health is in a greater position to attract more fans of health to their hard-working community. With a variety of impressive benefits, the YOR Health Convenience Set is quickly gaining traction among Independent Representatives and other members of the YOR Health family. Read on for more information about this powerful new creation by the YOR Health founders.

Benefits of YOR Health Convenience Set

Individual packaging – The clearly marked products included in the YOR Health Convenience Set give consumers that extra nudge during the course of a hectic day. It’s much easier to commit to excellent nutrition while following a clearly delineated plan.

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YOR Health | YOR CompleteBurn

YOR HealthA weight loss supplement engineered to address the different causes of weight gain.

There are over 400 weight loss supplements on the shelves of health stores today, says YOR Health. This makes it difficult, at best, for the average consumer to determine which ones are suited to them, formulated to the highest quality, and actually work. YOR Health is helping cut the clutter with the introduction of YOR CompleteBurn, a revolutionary supplement engineered to meet the needs of each unique individual.

YOR CompleteBurn addresses the different causes of weight gain by introducing the body to critical key ingredients including green tea, caffeine, garcenia cambogia, and
Advantra Z ® – a YOR Health patented supplement. These nutrients work together to elevate the body’s thermogenesis and increase its metabolic rate. YOR Health fuels each bottle of YOR CompleteBurn with performance and endurance stimulating ingredients and enzymes. YOR CompleteBurn is designed to help the body handle stress, metabolize nutrients, and process energy for peak performance.

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The Face of YOR Health: Jharal Yow Yeh

YOR HealthAustralian Rugby player Jharal Yow Yeh says YOR Health helped his healing process after a 2012 injury shattered his ankle and ended his career.

Former Brisbane Broncos’ fullback Jharal Yow Yeh discovered YOR Health in 2012 after a devastating leg injury forced a premature retirement. During his healing process, Yow Yeh was convinced by an associate to try YOR Health. Skeptical, the rugby champion did some research and found that YOR Health was different than other high-profile supplement manufactures. Yow Yeh says the company is filled with family-like people that genuinely care for one another’s health and that he feels better both physically and mentally since introducing YOR Health to his daily fitness plan.

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